Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Funny Facts!!

Hi frns,
          At last i met Mr.Bean,yeah its great.Well you know guys i wonder why boys make strange faces when they see a Hottie passing by them,even the kids do make a funny face looking at her,

Kids of this generation my god!!
well these days kids are becoming so naughtier and they are uncontrollable let me show you some pictures of these naughty kids...hmmm...
Presenting NO:1

see the kids wanted to imitate their parents..hmmm...well well...

Presenting NO:2

Kids sleep in bathrooms....phew.....whewwww...

Presenting NO:3

Very naughty kiddo...nanana...i will tell to ur mommy....see!!!

Presenting NO:4

OMG...seee the generation of these days...beware future parents.heheeh...hey kiddo stop that you little guy!!!

So,guys beware your kids might be naughtiest and you are ignoring them..hmm...i will for sure for my future kids...ok guys that's all for now!!!

have a nice smiling days...



  1. the 2nd to the last pic..i had seen that and was thinking to put that in my avatar..but thinking again..hmmmm..no..i'll settle with myself..

    good for me, i'm always behaving *puppy eyes*

  2. @ beany:--well i don't think so!!!!(*looking straight*)

  3. I was thinking picture #2 looked like Beanie! That first one with the baby and dad "drinking" cracks me up!

  4. @jill:-well its beany ofcourse very lazy person in the world!!!
    well see these kids are being naughtier...hmpf...i knew this beany is the first one to be naughtiest....