Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working Hard!!

Hi friends,
             Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day advance to all my blog readers world wide.

Ravie is kind of little busy at her job and she almost forgot she is a blogger too!

My new year i have celebrated with my friends of course but it is kinda like this way...

                                          (Hopefully, i know i wished everyone in my dreams!!)

Working was quite fun and enjoying the way we work is more important but honestly, sitting in front of a creepy guy, who stares at you constantly while you work is it fun??

                                                          (Hope he is not Mad!!)

I always think, missing our family is really a big thing and that too your siblings was really horrible, I still remember my brother's car ride,

                                        (Car will flew in air rather than in road if he drives it..!!)

I always love to play pranks on my elder brother and he always falls in my pranks.

                                                            (heheheh... oops bro!!)

I always wonder why does people sing in the elevators and sometimes it takes me 3-4 minutes to wait for the next elevator because of these people who sings a lot!!

                                (Hey you, you sing like a .... wish i could say that on  his face...*sigh*)

Well thanks everyone for your immense support which reminded me i haven't opened this blog for almost a year!!

Will be posting more and more jokes so stay tuned...

Your's RAVIE!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Memorable Day!

Hello Friends,it's been a long time i haven't got time to write a post over here,well i have been busy in my studies..(well didn't copied at all ha!)..
Busy me!

 Sometimes my friends used to say "you read much like a cat!" (i wonder does really cats can read??)

One day i went for a walk then i came across a beautiful dog with a cute shirt having a sign "take me home" ,well then i suddenly went to the owner of the dog,a granny and asked her :"ok,i will take him home,give him!"
she was surprised and asked me: " what are you talking girl?"
Then i replied,"well that's what it is written at this back,so just give him ",she just laughed and patted me at the back and said "you smart girl,just liked ya!"

WHAT CAN I DO,EVERYONE just say am a GOOD GIRL,(lots of fans,just like my uncle bean!)
Well then one day,i found rather interesting thing happened that i was given a bike to ride (unfortunately i broke it!) as usual am a good girl you know!

My mom used to say,"wherever you go my kid,i just worry about you because you are too naughty one among my kids"(well,what can i do for that..heheh)
I always loved to go to adventures and be a part of it,(rather this fun i guess!)
This is CHRISTMAS EVE,well holidays and well as am graduating got to go to work ( lazy!)
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS OF THE WORLD!!!! (this time am going to ask SANTA a AUDI CAR,heheh..hope i get one from my 100's of wish list!) hiding!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cute Buddies...

Hi frns,
           Ravie is back in new action,new jokes and new stories,once again....(Nah....she does say like this every time..) well i never mentioned about my cute internet buddies in this laughing blog,so let me introduce them to you all..
Here comes THE FAT KID...Beany,

(This kiddo here is the person who motivated me to write blogs,see he is a funny guy)
The second one is SIE,

(She is a hot lady,but she never wants me to confess it!)
well it supposed to be a laughing blog right so,i should probably start to write jokes now.....hmmmm...let me think....
heheeee...i forgot....ok now i will tell about my third online buddy
it's none other than,Ryan

(well he is a good singer for sure,he can write any song within a minute..hmm i must learn from him..)
Well guys,this post is just for you,
(i knew you guys will feel like this but what to do,just have to say so..)
now let me start jokes,...hmmm...Then i saw Mr.bean sitting sadly
because i didn't include his name in here,(Bean Uncle you are always in the number one,you are one of us,....don't worry..)
Well guys,i'm sleepy now i will post my jokes next time that's all for now...

Well a BIG NOTE:-(i'm gonna get some hits on my head but it's ok,i can bear it,well i shouldn't tell beany that i took his batman car..hehehe...vroooooooooommmmm...)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lover's Day!!!

Hi frns,
          Mr.Bean uncle and me wants to wish you a very joyful Valentine's day for those great lovers!!!
In meanwhile let me tell you a story of a sweet joke story......
When i was practicing my Kungfu i found one boy kitty following me....
  i thought to attack him but he said :"i want to learn Kungfu please...."
but i refused and said to him that :"no way i won't teach kungfu to Boys!!!"
He pleaded,pleaded and even showed his........
Then what can we do has to agree....Then i said:" OK STOP YOUR BUM SHOW!!!"
Well the training was so hard we fought like lions,
Well when we became good friends we don't even know.....We are good friends now!!
Then one day i found out that he is not a good person but a criminal!!
That was the day when our class is over i just left him in a park because he said he is going to jogging then i felt suspicious and followed him back....Then i saw he HAD A GUN!!!
So what should i do save those ducks or fight with him???
Then i decided i will fight with him and save the ducks...
Then i took my leaf sword and got ready to attack him.
Then i found that actually he is a good guy,he arrested those CRIMINAL DUCKS!!!!
I was Ashamed because i throwed him in the dust bin unknowing about the fact....(heheheh)
Well then i ran fastly like a Super Girl to save him from the dust bin but the waste truck came and took the dust bin away!!!!
i Yelled "OH MY GOD,wait you stupid truck my friend is in the DUST BIN!!!!"

I ran...  i... ran...ran....behind the truck but what can i say i'm not a Speed Runner!!
The truck went away with my friend in it.....
The next day i came to the kung fu class with a beary tears thinking about the Smelly Dustbin which i throwed my friend...
Then i found a voice behind me calling me,"hey i'm OK!!!"
i turned back and saw it was him.....i leaped at him and hugged him but later i found that i broke his Back..hehehe...

heheheh.....Then i joined him in the hospital and we were friends again!!!
Well that's all folks,keep smiling and never loose your precious smile!!
Have a nice Valentine week!!
Urs Ravie!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Funny Christmas!!!

Hi frns,
          Iam back anyways,'Merry Christmas' to all let me share how my christmas weekend was like....
I saw a message from my university that:-'Merry Christmas' and Happy Holidays then the feeling of mine was like...

I was so happy and i started to mail my parents that i got at last a big holidays a WEEK!!!
Then my friend called me i looked at her..
she told me that lets make a christmas tree and wait for santa for gifts...

Then i just little scratched my laptop because i gonna ask santa claus for a new laptop so..heheheh...

Then i started to decorate the christmas tree as i gonna get a new laptop if Santa likes my christmas tree..hehehe...

Then,i thought why not i remind Santa about my new Laptop so took my favorite pen and paper to write a big letter to Santa(because laptop does matter to me...heheh) 
After a long letter i was so tired then thought why not take a big nap and took my favorite doll and slept...

 In my Dream i fought with my enemy and i won the game yipee......
But it just a dream then i woke up late in Christmas morning but anyways that was just 11'0clock in the morning so my roommate advised me that to wake up when santa again i slipped into my dreamland... 
That's all folks...Santa didn't come but i slept a lot this Christmas anyways but i'm still waiting for my new laptop gift from Santa...see ya guys!!!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Being Busy....

Hi frns,
          iam really becoming busier here and iam glad i'm with my Bean uncle.....
well this post is really dedicated to ME...ahaha...because i want to show you guys how my life changed here in USA(where iam now studying).

Mornings are really badddd...i hate mornings...hmpf..(why would morning comes...why not night...waaa...ok)
Then i searched the websites and saw that there is a relevant topic..hmmm...

but don't google too's unhealthy for ur eyes..heheheh..
.(wonder how i look like..ahaha)
From my childhood i always wanna be like my dad...hopefully he works hard than me..

but i will try to be like him..hahah..
The day i stepped into my college i determined to be someone else

(hmmm...lion fits me)
college is a great thing,boys everywhere and some say this...

hahaha...poor ones...they know these words only....hmmm...
My professors are like....

ohhh...whewww....same like a poop...huh...i hate them!!!!
Anyways iam a good girl so no bad feelings!!!

iam a gooooooddddd girllll......

well hope you like my life ahahahahaha...keep smiling...asthena vestha...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Funny Facts!!

Hi frns,
          At last i met Mr.Bean,yeah its great.Well you know guys i wonder why boys make strange faces when they see a Hottie passing by them,even the kids do make a funny face looking at her,

Kids of this generation my god!!
well these days kids are becoming so naughtier and they are uncontrollable let me show you some pictures of these naughty kids...hmmm...
Presenting NO:1

see the kids wanted to imitate their parents..hmmm...well well...

Presenting NO:2

Kids sleep in bathrooms....phew.....whewwww...

Presenting NO:3

Very naughty kiddo...nanana...i will tell to ur mommy....see!!!

Presenting NO:4

OMG...seee the generation of these days...beware future parents.heheeh...hey kiddo stop that you little guy!!!

So,guys beware your kids might be naughtiest and you are ignoring them..hmm...i will for sure for my future kids...ok guys that's all for now!!!

have a nice smiling days...