Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Working Hard!!

Hi friends,
             Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day advance to all my blog readers world wide.

Ravie is kind of little busy at her job and she almost forgot she is a blogger too!

My new year i have celebrated with my friends of course but it is kinda like this way...

                                          (Hopefully, i know i wished everyone in my dreams!!)

Working was quite fun and enjoying the way we work is more important but honestly, sitting in front of a creepy guy, who stares at you constantly while you work is it fun??

                                                          (Hope he is not Mad!!)

I always think, missing our family is really a big thing and that too your siblings was really horrible, I still remember my brother's car ride,

                                        (Car will flew in air rather than in road if he drives it..!!)

I always love to play pranks on my elder brother and he always falls in my pranks.

                                                            (heheheh... oops bro!!)

I always wonder why does people sing in the elevators and sometimes it takes me 3-4 minutes to wait for the next elevator because of these people who sings a lot!!

                                (Hey you, you sing like a .... wish i could say that on  his face...*sigh*)

Well thanks everyone for your immense support which reminded me i haven't opened this blog for almost a year!!

Will be posting more and more jokes so stay tuned...

Your's RAVIE!!

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