Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Memorable Day!

Hello Friends,it's been a long time i haven't got time to write a post over here,well i have been busy in my studies..(well didn't copied at all ha!)..
Busy me!

 Sometimes my friends used to say "you read much like a cat!" (i wonder does really cats can read??)

One day i went for a walk then i came across a beautiful dog with a cute shirt having a sign "take me home" ,well then i suddenly went to the owner of the dog,a granny and asked her :"ok,i will take him home,give him!"
she was surprised and asked me: " what are you talking girl?"
Then i replied,"well that's what it is written at this back,so just give him ",she just laughed and patted me at the back and said "you smart girl,just liked ya!"

WHAT CAN I DO,EVERYONE just say am a GOOD GIRL,(lots of fans,just like my uncle bean!)
Well then one day,i found rather interesting thing happened that i was given a bike to ride (unfortunately i broke it!) as usual am a good girl you know!

My mom used to say,"wherever you go my kid,i just worry about you because you are too naughty one among my kids"(well,what can i do for that..heheh)
I always loved to go to adventures and be a part of it,(rather this fun i guess!)
This is CHRISTMAS EVE,well holidays and well as am graduating got to go to work ( lazy!)
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY FRIENDS OF THE WORLD!!!! (this time am going to ask SANTA a AUDI CAR,heheh..hope i get one from my 100's of wish list!) hiding!


  1.'re funny! Good to see you again. I hope you'll get your Audi! :)

  2. @bal: well probably i can get a AUDI,well only if i help Santa i guess (dah...being good is bad!!)

  3. AUDI ......!!!!! :o Why not a Ferrari ... Ask for Ferrari ..Then you may get AUDI .. You know how the market is .You have to bargain for everything .. ha ha ..

  4. Hi Ravali,

    HAHAHA, lovely post. Hope your wishes come true.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. :)


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  5. @Ashis: yeah..hopefully this year Santa gave me a toy ferari..hmm..well may be next year i will..hahah..

    @jay: thanks buddy,i wish you the same