Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cute Buddies...

Hi frns,
           Ravie is back in new action,new jokes and new stories,once again....(Nah....she does say like this every time..) well i never mentioned about my cute internet buddies in this laughing blog,so let me introduce them to you all..
Here comes THE FAT KID...Beany,

(This kiddo here is the person who motivated me to write blogs,see he is a funny guy)
The second one is SIE,

(She is a hot lady,but she never wants me to confess it!)
well it supposed to be a laughing blog right so,i should probably start to write jokes now.....hmmmm...let me think....
heheeee...i forgot....ok now i will tell about my third online buddy
it's none other than,Ryan

(well he is a good singer for sure,he can write any song within a minute..hmm i must learn from him..)
Well guys,this post is just for you,
(i knew you guys will feel like this but what to do,just have to say so..)
now let me start jokes,...hmmm...Then i saw Mr.bean sitting sadly
because i didn't include his name in here,(Bean Uncle you are always in the number one,you are one of us,....don't worry..)
Well guys,i'm sleepy now i will post my jokes next time that's all for now...

Well a BIG NOTE:-(i'm gonna get some hits on my head but it's ok,i can bear it,well i shouldn't tell beany that i took his batman car..hehehe...vroooooooooommmmm...)


  1. hey you!!!
    *throwing super wet diapies*
    THat's NOT meeeeeee!!!!
    i'm a hunk!!
    you see Ms. Sie is HOT..and so am i! HMP!

  2. are a fat kid!!!
    you are a baby hunk??
    wonder how a baby hunk look like,as the same in the pic above..ahahahahahahah

  3. Ravie that's not me girl.I am not that gorgeous and pretty.You have not seen me yet but ok thank you it made me smile and look at myself on the mirror.Let's see maybe I should wear that gown so I'll transform and be pretty and hot like her.

    Ravie,Beany is hot not fat see him in real life I am not joking he is hot heheheheeeeeeeee...

  4. @Sie:- For me you are the hottest lady i ever saw,well beany is a fat boy for me and a hot guy to you!!!
    i like to tease beany a lot,because he becomes a kid if i do like that..hahaha..which i like in him!!

  5. I'M NOT FAT!
    Ms. Sie is telling the truth and nothing but the truth..
    you get ready of your fire extinguishers! you will know how HOT i am! hmp!

  6. @beany:-well then keep your profile pic then i will say you are hot or fat.hehehe..i'm just kidding beany,you are my cute buddy!!

  7. Is that first pic Beanie the baby?? ha ha!!! You got me laughing this morning!

  8. Mr Bean in the header???? That's so cool!

    Filipina Ini

  9. @filipina:- yes he is my bean uncle so!

  10. if you have time Ravie you can collect your awards on my site :) *blink*