Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lover's Day!!!

Hi frns,
          Mr.Bean uncle and me wants to wish you a very joyful Valentine's day for those great lovers!!!
In meanwhile let me tell you a story of a sweet joke story......
When i was practicing my Kungfu i found one boy kitty following me....
  i thought to attack him but he said :"i want to learn Kungfu please...."
but i refused and said to him that :"no way i won't teach kungfu to Boys!!!"
He pleaded,pleaded and even showed his........
Then what can we do has to agree....Then i said:" OK STOP YOUR BUM SHOW!!!"
Well the training was so hard we fought like lions,
Well when we became good friends we don't even know.....We are good friends now!!
Then one day i found out that he is not a good person but a criminal!!
That was the day when our class is over i just left him in a park because he said he is going to jogging then i felt suspicious and followed him back....Then i saw he HAD A GUN!!!
So what should i do save those ducks or fight with him???
Then i decided i will fight with him and save the ducks...
Then i took my leaf sword and got ready to attack him.
Then i found that actually he is a good guy,he arrested those CRIMINAL DUCKS!!!!
I was Ashamed because i throwed him in the dust bin unknowing about the fact....(heheheh)
Well then i ran fastly like a Super Girl to save him from the dust bin but the waste truck came and took the dust bin away!!!!
i Yelled "OH MY GOD,wait you stupid truck my friend is in the DUST BIN!!!!"

I ran...  i... ran...ran....behind the truck but what can i say i'm not a Speed Runner!!
The truck went away with my friend in it.....
The next day i came to the kung fu class with a beary tears thinking about the Smelly Dustbin which i throwed my friend...
Then i found a voice behind me calling me,"hey i'm OK!!!"
i turned back and saw it was him.....i leaped at him and hugged him but later i found that i broke his Back..hehehe...

heheheh.....Then i joined him in the hospital and we were friends again!!!
Well that's all folks,keep smiling and never loose your precious smile!!
Have a nice Valentine week!!
Urs Ravie!!!


  1. What a story with a wonderful end, his friend was really unfortunate and is kind hearted to have forgiven him so quickly....A humorous Blog full of educative posts and stories.....This is the best friendship story i have ever heard...

  2. A wonderful Blog, ohhh his friend was unfortunate but luckily he has a good heart if not there would have been more kungfu lessons to be taught.....this is most heart touching friendship posts i have ever read.

  3. @Victor:-WELL thanks for appreciation,my main motive is to make people laugh around me so i think u too had a blast!!

  4. hehehe! i like the story ravie! Storytell me more! Next time with tigers ok??
    hmmmmm... i like this post most in your laughing blog, funny yet witty:)

  5. @beany:-well thanks beany boy,sure at the next post it will be on tigers!!!

  6. you're a good story teller. so natural. i just have fun reading this. im excited for the next one...

  7. @jo:-thanks,well my first comment of jojo in my blog***

  8. humourous! Moral of the story is look before you leap. I really enjoy it. :)

  9. @balquis:-well that's a trueone,no one should leap on anyone who knows they might get thier back broken...hehehe..keep smiling.

  10. Laughter is the best medicine and I think you are doing the best by curing the people and helping them to get rid of worries and tensions in the life. Good work! Keep it up !!

  11. @sibtain: thanks ,well i have to work a bit in this blog too..