Saturday, December 25, 2010

Funny Christmas!!!

Hi frns,
          Iam back anyways,'Merry Christmas' to all let me share how my christmas weekend was like....
I saw a message from my university that:-'Merry Christmas' and Happy Holidays then the feeling of mine was like...

I was so happy and i started to mail my parents that i got at last a big holidays a WEEK!!!
Then my friend called me i looked at her..
she told me that lets make a christmas tree and wait for santa for gifts...

Then i just little scratched my laptop because i gonna ask santa claus for a new laptop so..heheheh...

Then i started to decorate the christmas tree as i gonna get a new laptop if Santa likes my christmas tree..hehehe...

Then,i thought why not i remind Santa about my new Laptop so took my favorite pen and paper to write a big letter to Santa(because laptop does matter to me...heheh) 
After a long letter i was so tired then thought why not take a big nap and took my favorite doll and slept...

 In my Dream i fought with my enemy and i won the game yipee......
But it just a dream then i woke up late in Christmas morning but anyways that was just 11'0clock in the morning so my roommate advised me that to wake up when santa again i slipped into my dreamland... 
That's all folks...Santa didn't come but i slept a lot this Christmas anyways but i'm still waiting for my new laptop gift from Santa...see ya guys!!!



  1. You are such a cute Kitty!! I hope Santa DOES deliver that laptop eventually. Happy New Year!

  2. @jill:- well yeah i'm still waiting for santa to come but he came with the wrong gift not a laptop!!!

  3. i told Santa not to give you gift 'coz you stole my lollies everyday! See! no gift for you! bleh :P

  4. @beany:-hmpf!
    Santa forgot to bring the real Laptop but he brought the toy laptop anyways he said to me he will bring one next year!!
    (licking stolen beany's lollies!!)